Looking for front end for Graph editing

I am looking for an easy to deploy/use graph frontend to create and edit graphs in contrast to the many graph analysis and visualization tools.

My use cases are

  • CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE nodes, edges and properties
  • Filter nodes, edges, properties
  • Visualize graph based on filter critera (make nodes of movies round, actors square, etc)
  • Zoom in/out
  • Drill up/down

So quite a bit more than Bloom, ideally web based, ideally open source, but any would do for now.

Any ideas?

Pls also let me know if you need more context. ;)

Ok, so I found the following mentions on tools that allow graphical editing of (neo4j) graphs:

  • Graphileon (http://www.graphileon.com/)
  • neoclipse (FOSS, eclipse client plugin)
  • Gephi (FOSS, no neo4j support, native client)
  • linkurious (only enterprise version)
  • Structr (not simple, but interesting, but more than I need)
  • Bloom (Enterprise only, does not support removing nodes etc.)

Any additions or comments?

Also: Why is there no such thing? Are too many people so familiar with cypher?