Looking for Data Scientist (Data Architecture + Modeling, Neo4j, Python)

Financial company using Neo4j internally is looking to hire a Data Scientist. For more information please contact: John.Caito@neo4j.com

Location-wise our preference is NC (Charlotte), but we have associates in TX (Dallas), CA (San Francisco), and FL (Jacksonville), so those are secondary alternatives. We can even consider New Jersey, Delaware, IL (Chicago).


Job Description:
Responsible for enabling analysis, modeling, and optimization through producing information products specifically those leveraging graph analytics. Actively involved in the research and development efforts. Primary requirement is not related to traditional programming or systems analysis skills but to the ability to create sophisticated, value-added analytic systems that support revenue generation, risk management, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, portfolio management, and research. These systems must overcome issues of complex data (e.g., VLDB, multi-structured, “big data”, etc.) as well as deployment of advanced techniques (e.g., machine learning, text mining, statistical analysis, etc.) to deliver insights. Responsible for adoption of enterprise information products through clearly communicating how enterprise information products answer material banking questions leading to decisions and actions. This role possesses an advanced degree in hard science. Able to lead or work independently on complex projects and influence strategic direction.

• Data Architecture
• Data science
• Network science
• Neo4J
• Cypher
• Graph database
• Python


• Graph Data modeling
• Use data assets to gain insights into current processes and models
• Drive processing, cleansing, and verifying the integrity of data used for analysis
• Research and identify the data gaps, develop and implement remediation plan and assess the model outcome impact
• Extend company’s data with third party sources of information when needed
• Feature engineering

Experience / Qualifications:

• 7+ years of professional experience as a data scientist or related roles
• Hands on experience with Neo4j and Cypher
• Strong knowledge and high proficiency in Python, R, Cypher, etc.
• Experience with data visualization tools ex Tableau
• Strong STEM background - hands on experience in Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning (Tensorflow), Statistical Modeling, Quantitative Analysis, Forecasting, Data Visualization

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