Looking for best practice/used cases for NEO4j to store Facial or similar bio-metrics

Hello all! I hope you guys are doing well and staying safe.

I have a quick question regarding storing biometrics in NEO4j. I did research and have not found detailed approach or documents yet.

If you guys could share any knowledge, link, used cases or documents regarding storing biometrics in NEO4j would be greatly appreciated.

  1. What is the best practice for storing facial or biometrics into neo4j?
  2. Any suggestions or steps needs to be reviewed before the process?
  3. What are some limitations I should be aware of? or recommend other tool/db for this case?


Petra Lee

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Hi @plee, I would consider the biometric data as a randomized alphanumeric characters. It depends upon the SDK you are using for example to scan fingers or facial.
in both cases, you can store these information as a file, and call using file handlers (example - AWS S3).
Since you are dealing with sensitive data, I would recommend using methods like Tokenization and encryption.

Link from Mcafee