Looking for an Expert Neo4j 2.2 Who can help folowing items

  1. Need to optimize Neo4j 2.2 configuration to fix query cache problem
  2. Migrate neo4j2.2 Data to latest version. (Do we need to change all queries in application once we migrated?

I imagine that I'd do #2 first, by leaving the production db online, and upgrade a copy to work out any issues.

On the upgraded db copy test each of the queries.

If the upgrade is certain, then I'm pretty sure I would do the upgrade first before working on #1, unless it is a critical issue that can't wait.

Are you planning to upgrade to 3.5.x or 4.x?

  • Neo4j does not support downgrades. If the upgrade is not successful, you have to do a full rollback, including restoring a pre-upgrade backup.
  • A Neo4j upgrade must be performed as an isolated operation. If you are planning to upgrade from a single-instance installation to a Causal Cluster, this must be performed separately from the upgrade to 4.1.
  • In order to further minimize risk, it is recommended that while upgrading, you do not switch from Community Edition to Enterprise Edition, change configuration, perform architectural restructuring, or similar tasks.