Loading plugins into neo4j desktop

I have been using neo4j desktop 4.2.1 on Linux with APOC and GDS plugins. I managed to load APOC and GDS plugins for one of my database projects, and they have been working well. But I would like to clone that project and access the plugins with the clones, too. Every time I try to load those plugins for a different project or database, I get the message “Failed to find compatible version.” I have tried copy pasting the GDS jar into the plugins folders for the new projects or databases; and I have also tried downloading new GDS jar from github but nothing seems to work. I have also tried quitting from neo4j desktop. That does not help either. I checked compatibility and apparently the plugins should be compatible with version 4.2.1, so I am at a loss. Any advice?

Hi @janiceblockmail

I believe these are the compatible versions.
It works.

Neo4j Enterprise 4.2.1
Graph Data Science Library 1.4.1

That is what I have. But it is not working.