Loading a JSON object via parameter that is composed by json objects, delimited by "\n"

Hello, I have a Json file that is composed by a json object per line (as a result of pandas.to_json() )

{json obj 1}
{json obj 2}
{json obj 3}
{json obj 4}

The problem is that when I send this object through a parameter, using the Neo4j python driver, I get a new line char "\n" on the other side, separating the objects inside the list:

[{json obj 1}\n{json obj 2}\n{json obj 3}\n{json obj 4}]

Is there a way to iterate this with cypher? I tested by importing the files, and it worked. Now, the GOAL is using a parameter but I'm not getting there.
I'm sharing the test code ,for importing the file, that works:

QUERY_STATION_TEST = """CALL apoc.load.json("file:///stations.json")
                        YIELD value
                        MERGE (n:Station{SNIRH:value.SNIRH})
                        SET n += value
                        RETURN count(n)


Instead using pandas.to_json() I solved the problem using pandas._to_dict(). It already does the job properly

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