Load CSV Neo4j Community Edition

Hi all,
I have questions about loading csv file into remote neo4j database. I read many topics and they all suggested to put the files into sever's import folder. Is it possible to load local csv file into remote neo4j database?

Suggestions. my 2 cents

  1. Create a network map folder to the server.
  2. Upload to an http link.
  3. Ask your Server admin/dba to change the import folder to another folder where he/she can grant permissions and you can upload files to that folder.
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All Three of @dominicvivek06 suggestions will work, but you only need to do one of them.

1 and 3 are basically putting the file on the Neo4j server, either via a network mapping or moving the import folder to a place that you have access to on the server. To change the location of the import folder on the server see Configuration settings - Operations Manual . And look at Load CSV LOAD CSV - Cypher Manual

2 says get my file from a web server on the net somewhere, you need no access to the import folder. Just put the file on a web server and access it that way.

LOAD CSV FROM 'https://neo4j.com/docs/cypher-manual/3.5/csv/artists.csv' AS line
CREATE (:Artist { name: line[1], year: toInteger(line[2])})

Thanks for your advice, I finally set up a local server to store all these files and problems have solved.