LOAD CSV data with extended ASCII characters

After Googling and reading through many articles online--I cannot find any information to get this resolved.

My raw data includes international data with unicode characters, such as 蓮兒與啷噹六便士, and extended ASCII characters, such õ, á.

When I look at the data via Cypher as an example:

LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "File:///ld_artist_credit.txt" AS row

Via the Browser, I see this snippet as an example:

"genres": "3",
"name": "Áine Minogue",

However, after loading the data, using a MATCH statement, I see this instead:

I thought Neo4j was Unicode compliant.

How do I get these characters to display correctly in the graph and in the data returns in the Browser?

I forgot to mention as well, that all the international characters, such as "アンドレ・クラウチ", "CC 薇娜斯" seem to have loaded just fine. While some of the extended ASCII characters loaded fine too, such as "Andraé Crouch & Disciples" while others do not (e.g. Amó).

Hope to figure what I have to do to get these characters to be stored in teh graph and to display correctly.

More info...I cannot believe that I am the first to have encountered this issue using LOAD CSV...

I obtained the same issue in the Windows platform as well as my Linux platform. However, using Browser, I can update the labels and properties manually to attain the necessary corrections. This will become very tedious once I start loading the real data sets of millions of records. Cannot manually search for those 'grey diamond with ?' symbols using CQL and update that many records manually.

Anyone know to get a clean import from LOAD CSV with international characters? Any suggestions?
The source is LibreOffice spreadsheets.