Liquibase for Neo4j Releases

The Liquibase Neo4j plugin allows you to track, version, and execute database changes against Neo4j.
You just need to drop the plugin package to your existing Liquibase installation and you're ready to rumble!

Liquibase Neo4j versions 4.9.0 and are out.

With these new releases, almost every trace of "SQL" is absent from your Liquibase change sets.
Moreover, you can use new preconditions on Neo4j version (3.5, 4.4, ...) and edition (community vs. enterprise).

Give it a try now!

Liquibase Neo4j 4.10.0 is out.

It's a quiet release, only about dependency updates.

Liquibase Neo4j 4.10.1 is out (and should have been named but PEBKAC).
It fixes an issue with shutdown, so you should upgrade!

Liquibase Neo4j 4.11.0 is out!