LightsSphere - create data maps from your mobile

Hello all,

I am looking for beta testers and feedbacks for my latest app, LightsSphere!

The purpose of LightsSphere is to create data maps, using the graph representations, directly from your mobile phone or tablet.
My first need was to represent systems of knowledge and to search within it (in a relatively simple manner), without needing to connect to a database. I am a fan of DC and Marvel Comics, so one of the first tests I did was to represent the Universe of Green Lanterns Corps :smile:.
Being a Chief Architect, the second need LightsSphere is answering is the ability to design rapidly solution architectures (as data map of applications, APIS, containers, servers, GUI, components, framework, databases, VMs, machines, firewalls, etc.).

LightsSphere has also a built-in Neo4J client, which is used to connect to a Neo4J Database Server so that you can query directly your DB using CQL and then view the graphic representation of your query from your mobile.

The first version is available on iOS first, the android version will come after (soon I hope).

So for the people interested, here is the public beta: TestFlight - Apple

Let me know what you think, all feedbacks are welcomed! (I invite you to send them directly into Apple's TestFlight app or to the email address contact_at_lightssphere_dot_com)

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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I think it would be good to have some how to explanation.

I tried it but it is a bit hard to know how to e.g. connect nodes.
Also the steps to take to create data could be much quicker/smoother without the extra screens just with a popup (if needed).

I would love to see to just draw the graph point and drag for instance.
Similar to drawing in Paper.
And then add the information later/as needed.

The groups is also not obvious how they are meant to work ...

In general I'd minimize textual input as much as possible as mobile keyboards still are inconvenient.

I think before putting it out, you should invest a bit more in making it super intuitive to use, more like a drawing program than data entry (while still being able to add/attach the data).

Hi Michaël,

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback!

I have received some suggestion from a few other beta testers that goes in the same direction as what you've suggested. I'm considering some adjustment before putting it on the market. Then we will see how it goes.

I'll keep you posted.

Have a great day,