Licencing Question

I am involved in the creation of some scientific software which makes use of graphs. At the moment this uses the yFiles graph layout libraries for visualization but I want to look at using a graph database for storing data at the back end too. All of our software is either open source or completely free and this will always be the case. I would like to be able to use embedded Neo4j in my Java application for this purpose but since the code also uses yFiles which is commercial I assume that's not going to work with the GPL3 licence that Neo4j is distributed under? Are there any options for me here or do I need to look at an alternative technology? I have no problem making my own code GPL3 or Apache 2 but clearly thats not going to happen with a commercial library.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us. Our Community Edition should work for your needs. I'm not sure about connecting yFiles to it, but Neo4j Community edition server is entirely open source and freely available. Link to download that is below.