LGBT - LDS Suicide Prevention web site seeks expert Neo4j/Cypher/PHP developer to create new database system

Location: Remote or Utah, USA

Project Overview: I am seeking an expert Neo4j database developer/administrator to design, build and implement on our website a fairly extensive, entirely new Neo4j database to store and rapidly retrieve data from our existing HTML5 web form questionnaires which future site members can fill out. The speed and efficiency of the database is crucial because individual form responses or any combinations of response options can be queried and displayed online on a Geo-map, in graph or chart form or generated in a “Personal Profile” format (similar to an online social network). There are 46 web forms with a total of about 640 questions and roughly 1550 possible responses. Developer will also be responsible for scripting the PHP and/or Cypher (or another more suitable language if proven superior) to connect all our existing HTML web forms to the database and securely store their collected data. Implementing best practices for security against cyber attacks is also a fundamental part of this job. Confirming to me that all the web forms are connected properly to the database and their data is being securely stored and retrievable is also required.

Please be advised the specific focus of this project is to reduce the exceptionally high rate of suicide among LGBT Latter-day Saints/Mormons (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). This project is primarily to provide a vital resource for LGBT Latter-day Saints but it will also serve as a very long-term, broad scope survey collecting data for suicide prevention through cultural change. This project is fully LGBT supportive and delves extensively into Mormon culture, life experience and LGBT issues. If you or your team are uncomfortable with or have cultural or religious issues regarding LGBTQ and/or Mormon/Latter-day Saint culture or people, this project is probably not for you. This project is NOT affiliated with or sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and hopefully will not be viewed as negative toward the Church. It is designed to be a powerful, literally life-saving resource to help resolve an urgent reality. However, due to the too often deadly conflict between these two cultures, this project is very sensitive and will be viewed by some as controversial.

This is a temporary, freelance, independent contract job, based on bids only, not an hourly-rate or employee position. This is the first phase of an extensive not-for-profit, mostly self-funded and self-developed web project based in Utah USA. I am deeply passionate about this project and would love to establish excellent relationships with creative, talented web development contractors for much more work on other web projects down the road. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Required Skills :

  • Neo4j database design, optimization and implementation expertise – ability to design, create, fully optimize and get the database completely up and running with our web forms. Our site’s current Xmission LAMP server cannot accommodate Neo4j so guidance toward an affordable hosting or DB hosting solution will be appreciated.
  • PHP (or possibly another language more effective for this application) – to connect your developed database to our HTML5 web forms and properly and securely store their data.
  • Cypher expertise to generate optimized db queries.
  • HTML familiarity to work with our already existing web HTML5 forms. In general, the more website database and development experience the better.
  • Web Security – a working knowledge of standard cybersecurity practices. Site users’ data is extremely sensitive and site security is a top priority. However, hiring a separate cybersecurity expert, if necessary, is an option.
  • The ability and commitment to complete the entire job in a timely manner.
  • Fluent English in an accent easily understood by US English speakers.
  • Willingness to sign a nondisclosure agreement .

Wish List Skills :

  • JavaScript expertise would be super helpful but not required for this part of the project.
  • GIS or Geo-map experience or expertise would be a HUGE plus but not necessary for this part of the project.
  • Full Stack Web Developer would be ideal due to the complexity of this web project. Realistically that is probably not in my budget.

If interested and qualified, please respond with:

  1. A resume and/or list examples of related work. Let me know your strengths and experience with the Required and Wish List Skills as well as weaknesses where we many need to contract an additional person to fill that deficiency.

  2. Also please share any experience, concerns or issues you may have regarding LGBT and/or Latter-day Saint people and culture or the suicide prevention focus of this project, if any.

If you and your qualifications look like a good fit, I will send you the more detailed “Project Specifications” and and after signing a nondisclosure agreement, the link to the mock-up site so you can further consider the project and place a bid if interested.

Please email your response to:

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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