Learning Java with Neo4j


Is it possible to learn more about the Java programming language while using Neo4j as a source of projects? What projects could you guys recommend to a Java neophyte who wants to use Java with Neo4j?

At work, I use Neo4j to establish connections with highly connected data which is extracted from multiple sources like REST API's, archaic search directories, and modern SQL Server RDBMS's. I use Python to automate a large portion of my workflow. Then with Neo4j, we use Cypher and the Graph Data Science Library to establish patterns and search for clusters and similarities in our knowledge graph.

I'm looking at this documentation and it seems like this is a good place to start:

These days at my data science work and for fun I primarily use Python, R, SQL, and Cypher. I took an introductory class in Java back in college in 2012 right after taking C and C++, but I haven't used Java too much since. In the tech world, this is considered as millions of years ago haha.

Back then I didn't find the Java class particularly hard after taking prior programming classes. Like most skills in life, it just took a lot of repetition to learn the language and build that intuition. I kept all of my notes and coding assignments so at least I'm aware of the fundamentals. Now I just need to create some projects and I'd figured what better way than to create projects that will benefit my company.

I'm hoping to take what I've learned in Neo4j and use it to build my Java stack. I'm also looking to implement more C++ at work.

Thank you,

Hi Tony,

Sounds to me like you're well prepared to brush up your Java skills, particularly with your observation about repetition and building intuitions. Java is in the C-family of programming languages. "Programming in the small" will look familiar.

Generically, you should get familiar with:

For Neo4j + Java, I agree that the Using Neo4j from Java -Developer Guides is the right place to start. For a working example, clone movies-java-bolt.

In the example project, take a closer look at these classes:

Let's keep this thread going with any questions that come up as you learn Java with Neo4j.



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