LDAP roles not working

Version: Neo4j Enterprise Edition, 4.1
We use Secure OpenLDAP

So I managed to configure LDAPS(i.e. secure LDAP) with Neo. I can log in with LDAP username and password successfully however the user only has the PUBLIC role.

I have the dbms.security.ldap.authorization.group_to_role_mapping configured correctly to map the AD group to admin role (only configured one role as seen below), and that my username belongs to that AD group, but when I log in I only see PUBIC role. I was expecting to see both [PUBLIC,admin]

Role configuration:

    "CN=ADMIN_AD_GROUP,OU=Accounts,DC=dev,DC=ORG" = admin

Let me know if anyone else has also run into this issue while working on Neo4j Enterprise, 4.1


Issue resolved. Both of these two properties need to be defined in the config file:

> dbms.security.authentication_providers=
> dbms.security.authorization_providers=

I was missing authorization_providers