Laura, Network Engineer from Texas

Hi, I'm Laura, an experience network engineer from near Dallas, TX. I've played with neo4j for a long time, but am just getting to the point where I'm serious about learning it. I'm looking to set up something to help me with DNS relationships since SQL just ain't cutting it any longer. :)

HI Laura!

Welcome and yayyyy!!
If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to use this community forum as a resource! <3

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@ryanwagen and @sean.cockrell - you are in Dallas, correct? :smile:
CC: @maxdemarzi

Thanks, Karin. I figured I'd RTFM this time around... :D Making my way through the GraphAcademy training and playing with the data I want to model. I saw there was an IT sandbox, so I'll dig into that, too, for ideas before I start asking stupid questions lol

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We welcome stupid questions. Graphs are really different from basically anything else so we understand. We've all been there. Let me know if there's anything I can help with! :heart:

I've got my model mostly developed and I'll do some looking around for specific use cases that may match what I'm trying to do, then post a new thread for feedback. Appreciate the offer!

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