Launching Bloom on the desktop

when I launch Bloom on my desktop installation bloom open but it says that there are no nodes or relationships. but when i launch the Neo4j browser it says i have both nodes and relationships.

i have 2 databases in my project both the default Neo4j and a second one. Both databases are populated.

any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance

Hi ,
1 . First make sure your Neo4j database is up and running.
2 . Open the Neo4j Bloom and go to "Perspective" icon, the click on "Perspective" blue text and you can configure from which Neo4j database you need to get the data (by default is the neo4j one).

Hope this helps

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thanks, I see the database pull down now; however, when i started bloom i woudl get a message that is could not find any graph. I tracked this down to the fact that i had set the setting dbms.connector.bolt.listen_address=:7687 to so that i could access Neo4j from a another server. once i commented that out bloom would launch, and i now see the databases; however, now that that bloom launces, i still do not see any nodes or relationships in bloom but i see them on the neo4j browser? I have refreshed the perspective and created new perspectives but still it does not see any data.


after poking around i figured it out. For some reason bloom thinks I have 2 neo4j databases, i selected the other one and now it works. Thanks...