Kuzeko: Discovering my Community Connections!

Hi, I'm Matteo and here are the people I found through the Neo4j Community Site that I relate to!

  1. @david1 and I both user Neo4j in research projects on #knowledge-graphs!
  2. @albertodelazzari and I are both Italian, and he is currently located in the region I come from.
  3. @onofrio.panzarino and I both met graphs in the form of RDF.

My peer feedback:

What I'd like from the community site:

I'd really like to find new problems that can be solved with graphs.
I hope to understand how to help people "explore graphs".
I'd like to get new connections to share and expand my research work.

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Hi @kuzeko,
welcome to the community.
Happy to have a chat about graphs :slight_smile:
Are you near Venice?

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I'll be living in Denmark for a while, but I'll come back to Italy from time to time, my hometown is near Verona.

I'll be happy to chat about graphs :)
I was actually planning to ping Lorenzo (at Larus) at some point to pickup a conversation we started some months ago about possible collaborations.


Super happy to chat, Kuzeko! :hugs:

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Hey Kuzeko! Thanks for participating! Going to send you gift info in a private message! :)

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