Krishnan# Discovering my Community Connections!

Discovering my Community Connections!

#"Discovering my Community Connections!"

Contest/Activity: "Discovering my Community Connections!"

I'm Krishnan and here are the people I found through the Neo4j Community Site that I relate to!

@AllmyNeo4j 1,600+ Pals :sunglasses:: All are connected to explore the future graph technology.

@patriots: "To be Loved is Fortunate... To be hated is to have achieved Distinction"

My peer feedback:

@Kees Vegter

Kees Vegter's Meet the Query Log Analyzer & Cypher Query Optimizations sessions are awesome and very useful.

Thank you for the wonderful presentation, that helps to analyze slow running queries.

Query Log Analyzer - Neo4j Desktop App

What I'd like from the community site:

I'd really like to meet other Neo4j community people in my area

I want to learn how others are using graphs.

Am looking for more Development examples .



Hi Krishnan, welcome!

Where is your area?

Hi Dave,

How are you doing? Am from Hartford - CT.


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Hi Krishnan!
Can you please tag the community people you are referring to in your topic? I can't seem to find them! :frowning:

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