Kolawole From Nigeria

Dear people!
i am so excited about this technology!

You can call me Kolawole, meaning, a child that brought wealth into the Family!

i am a data scientist and also charged with data management responsibilities. i work with Standard Bank Nigeria (i.e StanbicIBTC). i got to know about the graph technology 19th March 2019 when a colleague of my resigned and i was nominated and saddled with the implementation of graph database for the group, a.project she was working on. I have IT background in application support, MIS with verse ability with SQL and Oracle database.

I have read online and done an online training on graph database already (i got beginner certificate as well) and will surely need a lot of help and i am glad that this community exist.

My first stop is implement the graph database for NG Ecosystem. Ecosystem is a project that identifies business leads and enormous opportunities to on-board and analysis the relationship within the ecosystem with view to improve services and profitability

so i am looking forward to all the help i can get in this journey.

Sunday Kolawole Adebayo

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Welcome Kolawole,

you already made great progress. Good luck with your project of putting leads and opportunities, and the connection between multiple people belonging to the same lead. Feel free to ask your questions.

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This is really awesome. Great story! Thank you for sharing. :heart:
It sounds like a really interesting project. Please feel free to use this community site as a resource with questions that you have!