Knowledge Mapping

I am a radio talk show host out of Austin, TX and do a show on legal reform. I help lay persons find remedy in a complex legal environment. Toward this outcome I have developed a methodology for capturing the entire knowledge base of an expert on a give topic then deliver it back to a novice in the form of an online, interactive questionnaire.
I have the criminal law 75% mapped. So far, it contains 1.5 million questions and growing fast. Relational databases are sufficient for the moment, but will not be for long.
I had a dream that I was a starling flying in a huge flock thousands of birds and focused on the information I needed to stay relevant to the flock. It turned out that all I needed was a single bird to follow and other birds within one degree of separation so that if the one I was following died and dropped out, I could latch onto the next closest and remain relevant. This lead me to swarms, which lead me to linked list.
I am a designer, not a database programmer and need the short course in neo4j so that I can understand the strengths and weaknesses of linked list databases as opposed to relational databases and how to imagine the utility of Neo4j for this project.
I then need a source of developers who can create the infrastructure my tools will be built on.
I hope this isn't too long and rambling. I also hope to find the people and knowledge I will need to complete this project. I am 13years and $500,000 into the project and ready to finish out the last part before launch.
Here is hoping I find the professionalism I need.

Randall (Randy) Kelton


Hi Randy,
the short course is:GraphAcademy Online Training - GraphAcademy Online Training
, introduction to Neo4j 4.0



Your project seems interesting. I would love to see the model and maybe adapt or contribute to the database or the queries to use with it.

My own project is a knowledge graph with only four labels and four relation types:

an example of a dataset could be:

Let me know what you got and lets help each other