Keyboard shortcuts not working - caught by browser

I'm trying to hide nodes in my graph with keyboard shortcut "ctrl+h", but the web browser (Chrome and Edge) catches the shortcut and opens browser history instead.

Any ideas? I know I could hide nodes with a keyboard shortcut a couple of months ago, but I don't remember if it was the ctrl+h that worked then, or if my google fu skillz were better back then than they are now and I had found another shortcut that works.

What version of Neo4j ? and what version of the Neo4j Browser? Click on the bottom most icon on the left side bar, and the icon should look like the Neo4j logo. This should report similar to

You are running
Neo4j Browser version: x.x.x

Neo4j Server version: y.y.y (enterprise)

also within the browser you can run :help keys which should report the available keyboard shortcuts

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We're running Neo4j Browser version: 3.2.16 and Neo4j Server version: 3.5.3

Edit: And I forgot to thank you for swift reply :)

@Anna Neo4j 3.5.3 is a bit old as per Neo4j 3.5.3 - Neo4j Graph Data Platform it was released some 2+ yrs ago. Any opportunity for an upgrade?

Did :help keys report that ctrl-h would hide nodes?

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Ah, this explains it. I must have dreamt that :help keys reported that ctrl-h would hide nodes, because when I check again today it doesn't (I'm probably just remembering some screenshot I saw online). Unfortunately there's no possibility to upgrade in the kind of organization I'm working in, but no worries. I can live without a keyboard shortcut :) Thank you for swift support!