Just getting started!

Hey there! I'm Michael. I am a Graphic Designer by trade, but like to script as well. I do actually use some of my scripting abilities to make my work easier. Whether that's simplifying a complex procedure in one of my Adobe Creative Cloud apps, getting access to an action that cannot be bound to a keyword and binding it to one through scripts and Keyboard Maestro macros, or using Applescript on my Mac to streamline my workflows.

Another of my hobbies is genealogy. And this is where my relationship with Neo4j started. I am looking for a way to make sense of my DNA matches and visualize them to find patterns that aren't currently shown through the current technology and tool levels of Ancestry.com or FamilytreeDNA.com websites. In the case of FamilytreeDNA.com, I can actually export my matches and filtered matches. Now, I'd like to join those together in Neo4j, but am struggling immensely to get started. I feel in over my head! Is there someone out there who might be able to help me get started?

Thank you very much!

Michael K.