JSON-stat from census bureau's API

Hi everyone!

Do you know if anyone has mentioned importing and working with endpoints providing JSON in the form of JSON-stat for statistical data?

See https://json-stat.org/ for some heavy open data providers and the presentation and JSON-stat, a simple light standard for all kinds of data disseminators for details, but basically it seems to be a JSON-format to flatten data from complex tables or cubes with many dimensions into dimensional positions (a vector location if you like), and then unflatten the data using the data's location to get at the value at that location.

It is very smart, but at the same time it feels like JSON-stat is the "PDF of JSON", i.e. the data is supposed to be transferred with a specific understanding (which makes sense), but at the same time it feels alien to the purpose of querying data and repurposing official statistical data in Neo4j and Cypher.


Hi Haakon,

Thanks for the info on JSON-stat. I've not come across anything personally that pulls in that format into Neo4j.

On first inspection, whilst you will be able to ingest the data using the JSON tools available, you will need to think about the structure of your graph data model to help form what that might look like. It also looks like you may have to programatically interrogate some of the other fields that describe the layout.

Do let us know how you get on!


Hi Ljubica,

Thanks, good to know I had not missed some obvious documentation. :smile:

Yes, and there may be some help from the code examples at JSON-stat for how to do that.

I will!

Thank you!