Json keys standardization

Hi All,

Please would like have neo4j community expert advice on my following requirement:

I get data in the form of json, where are keys are for example Book_ID, language, Author. The keys which I receive in the form of json files are not same all the time, For exmaple for first file it could be like - B_ID, Lang_Name, Auth_name, A second instance I can receive it as BK_ID, Lang_nme, auth.

Since I get json file keys varies from file to file, I would like to define a standard format for book object, like Book_ID, Language_name, Author_name. Any files which comes in will have mapping to this standard format before loading it in to the database.

Is there any way RDF triple and neosemantics can help here to automate this our requirement?

Is there any way to build mapping dynamically for the incoming files?

Really appreciate your expert advice that will help us alot.

Thank you