Jay, software engineer using NEO4J in Biomedical applications


My name is Jay and I am a software developer at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).

We have been using NEO4J for storage and querying of medical terminologies like SNOMED CT. SNOMED CT is a semantic terminology which is not a simple hierarchical tree. NEO4J allows this terminology to be represented in its full definition and allows it to be queried using graph queries.

Greetings to all, and I am very glad to be part of this group.

Here is a link to software in GITHUB which we developed at UNMC that loads a SNOMED CT release into a NEO4J graph: It is python-based and uses the py2neo library to interface with NEO4J.


Hi Jay,

this is really cool, do you have an article somewhere that describes your work in more detail?
Esp. with examples for querying and integration in other systems?

Cheers, Michael

Hi Michael,

There is a paper that describes this work, actually from a couple of years ago. We have continued to use NEO4J for Biomedical applications including the use for tracking tissues in a Biobank.

An alternative database approach for management of SNOMED CT and improved patient data queries
WS Campbell, J Pedersen, JC McClay, P Rao, D Bastola, JR Campbell
Journal of biomedical informatics 57, 350-357

I think this link should work for examining the paper.