Javadocs in Maven releases

I was wanting to find the javadocs for a particular release. If I go across to Maven Central
and go to the version I want I find an artifact such as neo4j-4.0.0-javadoc.jar

Hoping to find some javadocs therein I find simple META-INF. No javadoc. Nothing. So what is the point of that file?

To see what sort of thing you should be providing in there, one of my latest is at

Are they being hidden somewhere that I don't know about? And no, I don't just mean the latest version.

Neo4j documentation - Neo4j Documentation is a good starting point for all docs Neo4j wise.

A search for 'javadocs' leads to Overview (Neo4j 5.0.0 API) and the url is Change the reference of current in the url to 4.2 for example to see the javadocs for Neo4j 4.2

But hacking the URL isn't the sort of thing that helps people, and when I put in "3.7" it says not found. So I have to trawl around and find that there was a 3.5 put on the site.

Neither is publishing a javadoc artifact that has no javadocs in it particularly helpful (it would be pulled in by IDEs). Can you at least commit to fixing your publishing so that all future releases correctly releases the javadocs on Maven?

but that is expected since there was no GA release of Neo4j 3.7. No different than if i hack the url and put in 2.18 which would also result in a Page Not Found because no such release ever existed