Janos Szendi-Varga - Senior Consultant at GraphAware

I worked in an innovation lab in Hungary a few years ago when I first met with Neo4j, and I started to learn this. It started with a few pet projects and meetups, I did the neo4j certification among the firsts, and now I work as a senior consultant at the world's #1 Neo4j consultancy company, GraphAware.

I am originally from Budapest, but I currently live in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I am trying to keep alive the Neo4j Budapest Meetup group, but it is a bit hard to manage it remotely.
I am a big fan of data analytics, big data techniques and attending different kind of meetups and conferences.

I am missing the European GraphConnect ;)


Welcome to the forum Janos !
You're definitely not the only one missing GraphConnect in London. A next GraphTour may however also have a stop in Abu Dhabi (no promises but there seems to be an active community there) ... :slight_smile:

Hi Janos!!!!!! Thanks for joining us! :)

A little update on my introduction.
I have moved back to Budapest, and still die-hard graph fan as a freelancer. ::smiley:

If you are around Hungary, just drop me a line!


@szenyo I am also a die-hard graph fan, I and my co-founder are currently in the process of starting to fundraise for our tech startup it's using Neo4j for the back-end with the graphQL layer and Flutter for the front-end. We have done about 70% of it however, we are short of manpower should the funding come in.

We are looking for a strong graph back-end freelancer like you to help us would you be interested and what would be your terms?

hi @kangwachimba7 , I am so sorry, but in the meantime I have got a full time job at a company, so I am not a freelancer any more.

Good luck to your startup!

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@szenyo thanks. If you may do you know anyone you can recommend so that we reach out ? We are in need of a good Neo4j developer with a strong Java background. We are raising from people in Israel .. Iv already done parts of the backend but we need someone also to come on board

You can email me their details at kangwa.chimba@yahoo.com

@szenyo so if you know anyone Mr Janos I’d really appreciate or if you know someone who may know someone.. please hit me up .. we are making the band … success also requires good team effort … I’ll really appreciate