It’s True! It’s the Largest GraphHack in History!

This year, as the Developer Relations Team at Neo4j announced the first ever, Neo4j Online Developer Expo & Summit (NODES 2019), I am happy to make the community activities awesome for everyone.

Since it’s somewhat of a tradition to host a GraphHack around every GraphConnect conference… I thought, let’s host a GraphHack! Given that NODES 2019 is a virtual conference, we decided to make it a virtual hackathon. After brainstorming and receiving some feedback from our community members (shout-out to Jhonathan Soares & Michael McKenzie!) and members from my team (big shout-out to DevRel and especially Will Lyon!), we announced our first-ever Global GraphHack!


  • Flight and hotel to GraphConnect 2020 (max $2000 per person)
  • Free tickets to GraphConnect 2020 in Times Square (includes training sessions)
  • Private access to the invite-only Ecosystem Summit (at GraphConnect 2020)
  • Meet-and-greet event access with Neo4j Executive Staff at GraphConnect 2020
  • An invitation to present your project at a dedicated GraphConnect 2020 DevZone session
  • Even more visibility by showcasing your work on the Neo4j blog and newsletter

If you have travel restrictions, don’t worry, we’ll have amazing prizes for you too! Winners will be selected by the community votes and a panel of judges from Neo4j staff and announced immediately following the NODES 2019 keynote (given by Neo4j CEO, Emil Eifrem).

This beautiful design was created by our good friend, Nicole Forrester

We made a Google form to collect registrations, and to my amazement, we received over 500 registrations!!!! (509 to be exact), which officially made it the Global GraphHack! We decided to have the hackathon live on, as it would make it easier for hackers to find team members, submit their projects, and vote (so, GraphHack registration has moved there).

The hackathon lasts for a whole month and we’re only 2 weeks in! So, if you’re still interested in participating, it’s not too late to join!!!! Sign-up on (teams can be between 1–4 hackers)

The theme for this year’s GraphHack is: “Extending the Graph Ecosystem”.

The task is to build something using or extending Neo4j that can help others in the community. Watch the video below for more details or head straight to DevPost to read more about it.

We hope you can participate. At the very least, I hope you join us for the awesome interactive virtual conference. :)

PS. Most of these community ideas come from inspiration from our community, so if you have any ideas for programs, projects, things you would like to see more of, etc. please share it with us! You can post it directly on the community feedback category on the Neo4j community site or email us directly at Want to share the feedback anonymously or just generally prefer a form format? We have that too, community feedback form.

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I have a quick question. I thought the contest went up through midnight on Sunday the 29th. The contest rules say it goes through 12:00 AM on the 29th--which is actually the midnight following Saturday or beginning Sunday morning. When is the actual submission deadline? Do we submit before midnight Sunday morning or before midnight on Monday morning?


a) No purchase necessary. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. To enter the Contest, the participant must create and submit a GraphHack project (on Github) where instructed by Neo4j on or before 12:00 AM PT on September 29, 2019 (the "Contest Period").

Thanks again for bringing this up! :smile: