Issue with Neosemantics v4 Neo4j V4.1.2 + loading in Turtle files + IRI included an unencoded space: '32'

Hey Neosemantics,

I am currently testing the plugin on a docker instance of Neo4j

docker run -d --publish=7474:7474 --publish=7687:7687 --volume=$HOME/neo4j/data:/data --env='NEO4JLABS_PLUGINS=["apoc", "n10s"]' --env=NEO4J_AUTH=none neo4j:latest

When I check dbs.components():

│"Neo4j Kernel"│"4.1.2"  │"community"│

I've installed and run the constraints and graph configuration:

CREATE CONSTRAINT n10s_unique_uri ON (r:Resource) ASSERT r.uri IS UNIQUE;
CALL n10s.graphconfig.init({handleVocabUris: 'IGNORE'});

I am able to load in an ontology file:

CALL n10s.onto.import.fetch("", "Turtle");

However when I call:

CALL n10s.rdf.import.fetch("","Turtle");

I get: "IRI included an unencoded space: '32' [line 7]"

I have tried to load in a number of turtle files from here all with the same issue:

The "test" RDF import call shown in the documentation works without issue:

CALL n10s.rdf.import.fetch("","Turtle");

I can't for the life of me figure out what is wrong about the turtle files listed above... perhaps this is better suited for a forum...

Thanks for any insight

Hi @liamconsidine,

See response posted on GitHub.



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@jesus_barrasa thank you!