Issue Extending Algorithm Class


I am trying to write a simple modified BFS with an alternative stopping condition and want to base it off the single source shortest path implementation provided in the Neo4j Graph Algorithms library: neo4j-graph-algorithms/ at 3.5 · neo4j-contrib/neo4j-graph-algorithms · GitHub.

However, trying to compile an exact copy of the ShortestPaths class is giving me errors related to generics and overriding that has stumped my googling thus far. Specifically, the error is:

error: MyShortestPaths is not abstract and does not override abstract method release() in Algorithm

This is caused by:

error: release() in MyShortestPaths cannot override release() in Algorithm
public MyShortestPaths release() {
return type MyShortestPaths is not compatible with void

I have not modified the class in any way except changing all instances of ShortestPaths to MyShortestPaths. Any help would be much appreciated.


I am using Neo4j Community v3.5.9, Neo4j Graph Algorithms Library v3.5.9.0 and Neo4j Java Driver v1.7.5.