Issue connecting to Neo4J sandbox from Node JS

Hi all, i am trying to connect to Neo4J sandbox from Node JS but it keeps coming up with this error.
I am using the default connection code that is provided by Sandbox
The code in the terminal when running the file is as follows

Here is the corresponding code in the file

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you

Hello, I think we forgot to update the connection details since the upgrade to v4.
Can you try with bolt+s://

Thanks for the reply
I haven't had any luck with bolt+s, got the same error after creating a new sandbox on Neo4J and then connecting to it with the new syntax

What version of the JavaScript driver are you using btw?

The very latest version downloaded via NPM

I think i may be closer to diagnosing the issue

I have two Node JS instances, one local on machine and another on an a2Hosting server.

The one on the server cannot connect and the one on the client machine can, which is odd