Is there any trick to highlight 'main node'?

Is there any way to highlight nodes in the query? For instance I have a query:

MATCH (n:client{client_id: 100}) -[:PURCHASED*1..3]-(p)

I'd like node with id 100 to be highlighted in result in some way (color, bold... whatever) to find it easily.

Do you mean within the neo4j browser? If in the browser, my first thought is through GRASS file configuration (color based on a tag/value), I don't believe that is possible yet. (has been requested)

I'm pretty sure this isn't what you want, but there is one way (sort of). You could add a new label to the nodes you want to highlight, using the browser settings to change the color for that label. The labels could be removed, and re-added with the next query. This is a bit of hack though, with a lot of caveats.

With your query you will get only Client with client_id as 100..
So why you want to highlight it?

Thanks @Joel for that idea. However this is not practical at all :slight_smile:

You sure? I see more...
Anyway, that's just example.

In your code you have chosen only client with client_id as 100 that's why i mentioned above.

However in general I am not sure if you can change the color of node based on the node property using Cypher