Is there a way to create a deterministic UUID in Neo4j/Cypher

Is there a way to take a URN like urn:epc:id:sscc:0614141.1234567890 and convert this to a deterministic UUID that produces the same UUID every time I convert it.
I have a client where this would be a really extremely helpful feature as they are trying to figure out all the ways their disparate data systems connect. And could always default into proper generated UUID at a later date.

Just as sample code - here is something I coded up in PySpark to do something in a different arena. I wonder if like this function - seeding a function would be key.

def deterministic_uuid(seed:str):
    m = hashlib.md5()
    new_uuid = uuid.UUID(m.hexdigest())
    return str(new_uuid)
# line below makes this function available in PySpark/Spark
uuid_udf = F.udf(lambda x: deterministic_uuid(x), StringType())


Hello @mjlefevre and welcome to the Neo4j community :slight_smile:

Right now, there are two options for UUID in Neo4j but you cannot seed the function:

Otherwise you can gereate the MD5 based on some properties.

Finally you can also generate the UUID in python before to load the data into the database.