Is there a Bolt v2 spec available?

Is there an updated spec for Bolt v2? I'm working on a Crystal driver for Bolt and I'm trying to get some of that sweet date/time goodness. I couldn't find any resources, so I did a little reverse-engineering to parse them.

Are there any other data types or other concerns we should know about for v2?

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No, we've not yet released any specs for Bolts v2 or v3 I'm afraid. It's on my backlog to get done though.

1 Like is a very good initiative. Even if it's far for being complete right now...

And yes, it will be much appreciated for community-backed drivers that documentation exists and is up to date.
Especially in this crazy (and holy) times when every new Neo4j version has a new version of Bolt and / or decoders!

Thanks a lot for your work!

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