Is the word "name" a key word in CQL?

Simply creating a node with the attribute "name" results in the neo4j browser showing that name but if I call the attribute "namefoo" then the namefoo attribute is not shown on the node. Does "name " mean something to Cypher?

No, nothing reserved.

I think you're talking about the caption selected for display on the graph results view? If so you might want to check out my answer to a similar question:

is it possible that the term "name" means something to the visualizer? I understand now how "name" can be changed but it seems to me that the visualizer does in fact understand the term "name."

I did a bit of digging, there is a bias where the visualizer does look for a few specific properties to favor for automatic caption selection: name, title, label, description. If it finds one of those it may try to use that by default for the caption. As mentioned in the link you can always change the caption to whatever property you like for the given nodes.

thanks, appreciate the digging.