Is the 'table' view has changed in Neo4j 4.1.3?

I installed the new version of neo4j, and fond the 'table' view of a node's info after I do a simple Match query has changed to form:

  "identity": 0,
  "labels": [
  "properties": {
"tagline": "Welcome to the Real World",
"title": "The Matrix",
"released": 1999

In early version, like 4.0.4, it's a simple table of key-vale pairs for all properties of that node. Is this expected, or I did something wrong?

EDIT: No, you didn't do anything wrong.
If you have a query MATCH (n) RETURN n, you will get that result. It's the _id on graph, the labels, and properties collections. This is similar to what you get across all the bolt drivers.

If you want just the properties: MATCH (n) RETURN n {.*}. But that will still give you the json result.

The neo4j-browser version update would be responsible for the table result changing.

That seems an unnecessary change in the browser. The original interface is more compact and readable, but it's good to know it is a real change in the new version.

There have been some neo4j-browser changes that I'm not a fan of with the 4.x changes that seemed unnecessary like the replacement of =< with ascii character.
Overall I think the team does a really good job though.