Is support of RDF*/SPARQL* planned?


I'm trying to import into neo4j 4.2.5 YAGO RDF knowledge base (Downloads/yago 4 | Yago Project). All files .nt worked very well, but there's also a file yago-wd-annotated-facts.ntx.gz which is in RDF* format (contains nested triplets as this format supports properties on relationships).

<<	<>	<>	<>	>>	<>	"1997"^^<>	.

Is there a way to import this, or even better - is it going to be supported by neosemantics?

Hi @vlasta , thanks for your interest.
RDF* is supported by Neosemantics since v 4.1 (Sep 2020)
All you need to do is use "Turtle*" as serialisation format.
You can run a quick test on the fragment in your example by using the preview feature. Here's how:

call n10s.rdf.preview.inline('<<	<>	<>	<>	>>	<>	"1997"^^<>	.',"Turtle*")

And this shows the two nodes connected with the property in the relationship:

You can find more about RDF* and other features included in 4.1 on this live session.

Hope this helps.


Hi @jesus_barrasa, fantastic, thank you very much!
Maybe a small suggestion - the documentation does not mention Turtle* in the "Parameters" section, might be worth updating.