Is Neo4j suitable to replace RDBMS for Forums/Social Media Engines?

How does everyone feel about Neo4j's performance?

Do you feel it would be suitable to replace the whole RDBMS backend to manage user accounts profiles, postings, comments? If not, please share your reasons

Neo4j is ideal for this:

Adobe used 125 MongoDB servers to run their activity feed. It was replaced by 48 Cassandra servers. Now it runs on 3 (THREE!) servers of Neo4j. With more data (yet smaller disk footprint), higher load and more functionality. The scalability of a native graph database.

I personally built a social network for a startup, specifically for musicians and music lovers, it has 400,000 users and runs on one very stable server.

User accounts, their likes, their posts and so forth - this is an organic network/graph structure. We can benefit from the native graph databases path finding abilities and non index adjacency here.

As another example, I read a study recently, about how a startup was able to reduce the cost of their activity feed, for users of a temporal inbox, by using Amazon DynamoDB, because writes are cheap on this platform. I couldn't help but think that with Neo4j it would only be necessary to create a pointer to the content. I can't find that article right now, however, I'll try to dig it up.