Is it possible to use apoc.load.json for more than 5000 nodes?

Hello Community,

I'm importing some 10.000 datasets resulting in the respective number of nodes. But using apoc.load.json seems to have a limit with 5000 nodes. What can I do to work around this limitation?

I would like to avoid to split my original data in pieces of 5000 rows max...


it does stream the data, so if you immediately create the graph data from it it should be fine.
best works with a json-lines format.
you can use json-path to stream fragments of the json into your cypher statement

what is the error you're getting?

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your assistance.

It's not an error, I'm getting, it's just that it stops importing when reaching 5000 nodes and tells me:

"Added 5000 labels, created 5000 nodes, set 35000 properties, completed after 26938 ms."


Oh, sorry!!!! My SQL-client exported 5000 datasets only. That's why there is not more in the JSON.

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