Is apoc.mongodb deprecated?

I'm trying to connect Mongodb with Neo4j via APOC with apoc.mongodb.get. It works, but I get a warning of deprecation:

This feature is deprecated and will be removed in future versions.
The query used a deprecated procedure. ('apoc.mongodb.get' is no longer supported)
EXPLAIN CALL apoc.mongodb.get('mongodb://localhost:27017','dataset','Product',{PieceId:1234}) yield value

The same happens with other procedures in apoc.mongodb. I haven't found any official communication that apoc.mongodb will be deprecated, so I'm thinking that I'm doing something wrong. Any idea?


  • Neo4j 4.1.2
  • Neo4j Desktop 1.3.8
  • Plugins: apoc-, apoc-mongodb-dependencies-
  • MongoDB 4.4.0 Community




We are working with MongoDB but since we have not upgraded to Neo4j 4 we use the apoc.mongodb.get, but according to lei they recommend using the apoc.mongodb.find ()

Anything you tell me