Iryna Feuerstein

Hi everyone!

I'm a Java backend dev, trying to concentrate on Data Engineering. Working with Neo4j since 2014. Using graphs in customer projects and in private experiments. Some of the private ongoing projects are:

  1. Bringing German law into a graph and make it searchable: Connected Law | graph-of-codes
  2. Bringing the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database into a graph:
  3. Learning R and using the neo4r driver for all kinds of analysis and evaluations.

Nice to be here :slight_smile:


Welcome Iryna. And thank you for stopping at a mere 3. ... the actual list would probably have blown up our fledgling forum :slight_smile: !

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Hi Iryna!!!! Welcome!!!!! :)

hi karim, I am new in neo4j do you have information about neo4r, examples or anything about that topic?, examples for me will be amazing.
thans for reading this.

Hi! Have you already visited the github page GitHub - neo4j-rstats/neo4r: A Modern and Flexible Neo4J Driver ?
That is what I used as a starting point myself.