Invoking integration program from Node/Relationship property passing Graph Context

Hello good people. I'm looking for some guidance here. I've built a graph model of a business system. Because I do not replicate all instances of the objects, I represent many of them as aggregates ( products, sales orders, assets, etc). These have relationships to other entities ( e.g. (asset)-[OWNED_BY]-(company) ). What I am looking for is a way to trigger my connector to the back-end system, with context of a particular node or edge. Perhaps a URI property at node or edge that invokes a stored procedure that in turn calls my connector (A python program that receives the context , say (:asset)-[OWNED_BY]-(c:COMPANY {name: '1000'}), and returns all the related asset nrs with the option to create the nodes as instances of :asset ? I'm more of an analyst than a real programmer like y'all, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Johh