Invited Lecture at UCL (London, February 2021)

My name is Antonis Bikakis and I am an associate professor at the Department of Information Studies of UCL. This term, I am teaching a postgraduate course on Graph Databases and Semantic Technologies:

In the first five weeks of this course, students learn about graphs, graph data modelling and graph databases using Neo4j and Cypher. This year I am thinking of adding a lecture on use cases of graph databases, as it would be beneficial for the students to learn how this technology is used in practice. It would be great if someone could help me with this, either by giving an online lecture on this topic or by providing a pre-recorded presentation and then attending a live (online) session to answer the students' questions.

Thank you


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Hi @a.bikakis,

This sounds great! I'll send you a PM now.



Hi Antonis,

I gave a presentation about a use case about modelling and analysing the content of Question Answering Systems like StackExchange using graphs. It may be a useful case for your lecture. Here is the link to the presentation: NODES 2020 Extended with Doulkifli Boukraa - YouTube . Good Luck !