Invalid number of relationship groups

Hi there

I was using the neo4j-admin import tool then I got this error:

Invalid number of relationship groups

First, what is a relationship group in Neo4j?
We can find this name in the neo4j operation manuel store format section as a store format limit.

I attached the complete command output as a txt file.
output.txt (14.7 KB)

Hi Gabriel!

To address your first question, taking a look at the attached output.txt - I believe relationship group is referring to relationship types. (i.e. distinct relationships in the graph you are attempting to create). I imagine you aren't attempting to import >65,536 distinct relationship types provided your node count etc.

Looking at that output.txt further - relationship linking (step 3/4 in neo4j-admin import) took >30 minutes to complete while other steps only took seconds. In addition, the following import error Import error: Invalid number of relationship groups for node 20 65536 is indicative that you have exceeded the distinct amount of relationship types Neo4j can handle (65,536 distinct relationships - or "relationship groups"). Reference -> explanation-of-error-record-id-65536

Taking a deeper look at the contents of the import files (neo4j_relationships_header.csv & neo4j_relationships.csv) would confirm if this is indeed the issue you are encountering.

Happy to help you further debug your input files/further investigate what is occurring! Feel free to loop back!


Hi Rob, thanks for the well writed answer.

But I don't clearly understand the difference between relationship types and groups as both of these exists as a limit in the doc. Also, I'm using the high limit storage format so my limit should not be 65 536.

I can confirm that by using the store format command line