Introduction to community - Vinay

Hi all ,
I have been working with Telecom industry for more than 10 years now with areas like Software defined networks , Network Function Virtualization , Openstack , Microservices , Docker , Kubernetes, spring boot , Flask , java, python.

I am a big data architect with tools like Hadoop,Hive,Pig,oozie,spark,sql,scala,kafka, mostly used Hadoop for some batch processing jobs and offload jobs from SQL to Hadoop using ETL.

with changes in telecom industry specifically more towards software side with IoT into picture , we got a need to work more and more on applications which involved customer churn and analytics , that started my journey to core spark and then into fascinating world of Data Science ,

using neo4j for last 6 months now with graphene library
we are exploring options to replace some of our legacy architecture with graph based architecture


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Welcome to the forum Vinay ! If you put your name in the title of this post, you're more visible ... so you might want to do that :slight_smile:

Thanks , just did that ..