Introduction - Dave Nacy - Michigan, USA

I'm Dave Nacy, Managing Consultant at Infoverity. My academic background is in Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Systems.

I help companies create compelling and complete information about their products so that customers are more likely to buy them. This involves simplifying data locked in a myriad of enterprise systems so that companies can author perfect product information accessed by buyers across a wide range of devices.

I am a career software industry professional with record of achievement selling, developing, and deploying applications that positively impact the bottom line.

I'm looking to leverage graph database technology to help my clients discover profitable relationships in their product and customer data.

The companies I have delivered results for include Infoverity, PTC (MKS), Heiler Software, MSC.Software, General Motors Corporation, PDA Engineering, and Altair Engineering.

Specialties: Certified Informatica PIM Product Level Specialist, Certified priint Specialist, Solution Architecture, Project & Program Management, Custom & Commercial Software Development, Business Development, Sales and Product Marketing.

Welcome Dave, I think graphDB can contain the complexity and that many aspects of our knowledge have implicit relationships that can be shown. Unfortunately, not everything that seems logical is actually logical. The good news is that there is really a lot to learn. I like to think of nodes and relationships as different layers of information. Good job,