Introducing Neo4j Aura

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Can you please make a price comparison between Aura and other hosts such as Kubernetes etc., if possible any other comparisons. Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi. Can someone clarify for me the pricing (as per Fully Managed Graph Database Service | Neo4j AuraDB)? Is the per-hour price for all hours that the database is hosted, or just for the number of hours that it has activity? Thanks, -Fred

The price is per hour of availability, not per hour of use. So if you choose a pricing tier that costs, for example, $0.18 / hr, you can expect to pay that * 24 for each day that the database is active in your console.

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Would love to see some incentives for people with lower budgets to give Neo4j a try. How about a free tier for students (offered through GitHub student pack for example)?

I see in Aura it is mentioned that it is clustered configuration under "Reliability"


  • Highly available, self-healing, clustered configuration
  • Transaction-safe/ACID
  • Secure end-to-end encryption

Is this true? When we are creating Database it just asks for Database size and no way to know what is the cluster configuration.

The good part about managed services is that you don't have to worry about the cluster configuration, that's managed for you. So Aura exposes to you a reliable graph endpoint (yes they do so by taking advantage of clustering). One of the purposes of the managed service is to free you up from having to think about these sorts of things so that you can focus on your graph application where you can add value.