Introducing myself - Hello from Minnesota, USA

Happy to be a part of the Neo4j community. I'm working with Neo4j, TigerGraph, CosmosDb Graph (gremlin), and a few others to evaluate for several projects around the general topic of Social Mobility.

I'm also experimenting with some commercial sales activity for identifying sales reps working with various product lines across multiple industries.

Both the government social mobility and sales activity use geography, so I'm looking at how to use graph with maps and such.

Finally, I'm working an app that contains social aspects and a graph of preferences and flavor profiles for coffee roasting. I'm looking at Neo4j for use in a mobile / web app as the backend database.

I'm also super interested in combining and integrating neo4j with other visualizations in more traditional BI tools - specifically Power BI, but also in R and Python - and then doing R and Python in Power BI for reporting, etc.

That's pretty much is. I'm basically trying to figure everything out and work through configuration and workflow setup and tooling.

I'm using Azure primarily to host neo4j and finding that you can't really use Bloom on a Server without getting a separate bloom license file.

I have been successful manually setting up windows datacenter servers, manually setting up neo4j and getting bolt, browser, and the bloom interface to work (however bloom won't run remotely without a license - so I'm kinda bummed about that)