Introducing Motif Graph Explorer

Hi Neo4j Users,

We just released a demo version of Motif, our graph explorer platform with Neo4j integration. Feel free to try out the demo over here.

We created the tool to help analyst and investigators visualize connected data - mainly around blockchain and financial transactions. I think graph visualization solutions should be more accessible to business users and analyst, and Motif is a step in that direction.

Here are some feature highlights:

  • Neo4j integration (of course!)
  • Multiple layout options
  • Group edges
  • Time series filtering
  • Filter and search panels

There's a jupyter integration on the way as well. Would love to hear your feedback about it and if there's sufficient interest we even plan to open source the graph explorer. It's built on React + D3 + G6 + use-neo4j hooks.


I just watched your presentation from the Nodes conference. I wasn't able to catch it live but enjoyed watching the recording.

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Tried connecting but no luck :frowning:

Am I suppose to use bolt or http or https?

It's the bolt connection string. Try the bolt or websocket bolt URL. So for example, if I launch a sandbox, the connection string is given by bolt+s:// The host field should be set to and port to 7687. The rest of the parameters look about right.

Oh so it's not available on a local instance?

edit - so I got it working with Neo4j Aura :)

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That's great! It's kind of troublesome on a local instance since you would need to configure an SSL cert or possibly issue a self-signed certificate. This post list several workarounds.

Another possibility would be to launch the Motif application in a local environment. You can do that by cloning the repo and running the following code:

npm install --legacy-peer-deps
npm run motif:build
npm run demo:build
npm run demo:serve

I tested it to work with the IP address of a local Neo4j docker image which I hosted on GCP.

Glad that you got it working on Aura though and can skip through this hassle :slight_smile:


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