Introducing Graphlytic LITE

Graphlytic LITE Server is a completely free edition of Graphlytic Server with all visualization and configuration capabilities. Ideal for personal projects, pre-production installations, or for early evaluation purposes.

Read more here:

@michal.habala that page returns a 404

@michael_hunger I'm trying it and it looks ok, could you please check it one more time? Also, please check the URL where you will land, because I see old action buttons in your screenshot, don't know why.

I am also getting the same error when I clicked on the link.

Thanks, @ameyasoft . It seems to be some DNS issue with our ISP, should be resolved now. If you have a moment, can you please check if you are able to access that blog post?

Thanks, yes it's working now. Actually, the link worked on Windows machine. Now it's working on Mac machine.

Great! Thanks for the check